What fruit and vegetables can you grow in your London home?

What fruit and vegetables can you grow in your London home?

What fruit and vegetables can you grow in your London home?

London homes rarely come with outside space and you may not have a lot of room to grow all of the fruits and vegetables that you may like too. Despite the limited space, you can still grow many delicious fruits and veg in window boxes, on your window sills and even up your walls. Here are some of the best fruits and veg that you can grow in your London home.



Tomatoes are a great fruit to be able to grow in your home, being one of the most popular fruits to grow in the UK due to their versatility. Tomato plants require an even, consistent temperature to grow effectively and flavoursome. Luckily, UK weather usually sits at a consistent air temperature during Spring – Autumn which is great for tomatoes as they will grow efficiently almost all year round. Tomatoes are also a very quick fruit to grow, if the weather is at a constant 21 degrees, tomatoes can make anywhere from 7-14 days to grow. The process may slow if the temperature drops during this time.



Strawberries, much like tomatoes, are a very popular plant to grow in the UK. They are easy to maintain, can add some bright colour to your home and are also delicious and refreshing when grown perfectly in season. The initial plant may take up to two months to fully bloom, however once you’ve successfully grown a strawberry plant, they can last up to 4 years of continually producing fruit every month until they begin to wither.



If you’re looking for a low-maintenance veg to grow in your window box, the carrot may just be for you. They don’t need much tending to apart from daily watering, don’t take up a lot of space and only take a couple of months until they are ready for harvest. They’re filled with nutrition and vitamins and can be universally used in both sweet and savoury dishes.



Now that you’ve got a window box filled with different fruits and veg, you may think that you’re all out of room. However, this isn’t the case. Honeysuckle is another low-maintenance fruit that you can grow that doesn’t take up any of your movement space. Honeysuckle grows on and up walls which makes it a perfect plant to grow in your London home. Not to mention the lovely, sweet scent that will fill your front or back garden.


These are only a few of the different fruits and veg that you could grow in your London home. There are plenty of other options of fruits and veg to choose from and even more methods. Such as, growing dwarf trees for oranges and lemons or having window sill plants to grow your own herbs. Whatever you decide to grow, the addition of plant life in your London house will add more character to your home with a range of scents and colours.

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