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Ways To Maximise A Small Space In North London

Ways To Maximise A Small Space In North London

Ways To Maximise A Small Space In North London

The average size of a family home has shrunk by two square metres, over the last decade it has recently been reported. RIBA the Royal Institute Of British Architects has stated the average one-bedroom new-build home is currently 46 sq m, the size of a carriage on London Underground’s Jubilee Line. 

With London house prices continuing to sore whether you live in a quintessential studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room use these small space design ideas to help you maximise the space you are working with in North London. 

Create Different Sections

Think about all the things you do within your space; work, sleep, relax, eat, entertain etc and then establish separate zones for those activities. Subtle separations can help the space feel larger. Evoke rooms with multiple seating areas, a tented or curtained bed, window seat, or smartly placed furniture. 

Multi Use Furniture Find a table that can function as both a desk and a dining table. Get daybeds or deep sofas that can double as guest beds. A storage ottoman can provide an extra perch. Invest in pieces that can be rearranged to transform the use of a room. 

Trick Your Eye Creating an impression of expansiveness by exploiting decorative sleight of hand, floor to ceiling curtains and strategically placed mirrors will open up your space and create the illusion of more space. 

Make Every Piece Count Choose furnishings and decorative elements that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. Use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table. Far better for traffic slow and a lot easier to move. 

Use Bigger Furnishings

It may seem counterproductive but using bigger but fewer furnishings rather than a mishmash of smaller furniture can actually make it feel grander. Although don’t be afraid of filling up the space, when a room is populated with furniture, it actually appears larger.

Consider Paint With Care Soothing, even-toned rooms fool the eye into thinking they’re more spacious than they are. 

Customise Bespoke built-in’s, storage space and furniture tailored to your exact needs can utilise every available sliver of space. 

Think Vertically Exploit the often under-utilised space between the tops of furniture and a room’s ceiling with hanging or high mounted elements. They’ll draw the eye upward. Take bookcase and cabinets all the way up.

Remove Clutter You don’t have to display everything. keep things uncluttered. Group your possessions and accessorise your shelves but give them room to breathe, less is more.

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