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The Best Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

The Best Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

The Best Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

Arranging your dream kitchen? Regardless of whether your present kitchen format needs revamping or you just need to revive a worn-out plan, now is the ideal time to create the kitchen you had always wanted. For 2019, the kitchen will perfectly blend form and function and technology will become increasingly present, helping to make day to day life a little easier.

‘The kitchen is the core of the home for millions, so it bodes well that there is a powerful urge to make it the ideal space, regardless of whether that is with an ultra-present day look, customary nation style or high quality wood impact.

In light of this, we’ve done some digging to reveal the absolute greatest and developing patterns for the year that will enable you to design your dream kitchen. Get all the kitchen motivation you need directly here with the best kitchen design trends for 2019.

Last year was all about navy but expect to see greener kitchens going forward, in the form of accent walls and wallpaper, tiles and cabinets in tones of emerald and forest green.

They need to be functional by design, but it doesn’t mean your kitchen cannot be fun, introducing primary hues and mismatched furniture add a more light-hearted approach to 2019 kitchen design quirks.

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars provide a spot for casual dining, as well as additional workspace and storage, the application of seating integrates both cooking and socialising.

With the rise of open-plan living, hidden storage is proving popular transforming your kitchen from an efficient work space to a clutter-free living environment in seconds.

From built-in benches to banquettes and booths, the kitchen is becoming a communal space for lounging. We are seeing an emerging trend with banquette style seating, in an area where kitchen islands and breakfast bars have dominated.

Splashbacks are no longer resigned to just being practical elements – now, designers are using them to create real focal points in the kitchen. Elegant and simple, a single slab is not only stunning but offers practical cleaning benefits as grouting between tiles can be difficult to keep clean.

There’s a trend in concealing key technology pieces such as induction hobs, coffee machines, smart appliances and food gadgetry. Sliding doors and hidden drawers are not just extremely versatile in enabling you to discreetly tuck away a huge variety of appliances.

Are you looking for a classic or contemporary kitchen that matches your style and taste and offers you the best value for your money? If you are, then we would like to show you our range of kitchen designs that will bring your kitchen and home to life. We can carry out the entire project from design, preparation and installation to completion of the finest detail of your new kitchen.

Entire Houze boasts some of the best kitchen fitters in the business. We know how to match a kitchen to the unique character of each home so that it both suits the way your work and complements your sense of style. Our kitchen fitters will take the necessary time to discuss your particular kitchen needs, put together a custom-made plan and design and install the kitchen just as you had imagined it.

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