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Put Home Security At The Top Of Your Christmas List

Put Home Security At The Top Of Your Christmas List

Put Home Security At The Top Of Your Christmas List

For many of us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for some unfortunate households, the festive period is marred by burglars and security breaches. Keeping your North London home safe and secure is of the utmost importance for every day of the year, but Christmas presents a prime opportunity for burglars as a lot of houses will be left unattended for extended periods of time due to the holiday season. Add to that the fact that a lot of North London homeowners tend to spend a lot of time away from their home either visiting family and friends or attending Christmas parties and events, the opportunities for intruders increase and break-ins become a less rare occurrence.

Get Covered

Unlike car insurance, you don’t need to have home insurance. It’s not compulsory, but well worth investing in if you don’t have cover in place already. For burglars and thieves, Christmas is prime time for finding lots of expensive goods in one place. Of course, there are measures you should take to prevent the chances of a theft, which we have explained below, but it’s worth investing in just in case someone does end up getting away with your hard-earned valuables.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

We know how tempting it can be to get some nicely wrapped presents under the tree straight away to make your North London home feel that extra bit Christmassy. If you have children, it’s a given that Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve anyway. But if you don’t, try to resist leaving them out in the weeks or days building up to the big day – keep them hidden and out of sight, or keep your blinds and curtains closed!


Invest in a motion sensor flood-light or even some outdoor Christmas lights to highlight your North London home’s exterior. This will hopefully make approaching your home too conspicuous for a burglar.

Festive Lighting – Be Secure!

A common mistake of many festive decorators is to feed extension cables through partially open windows, criminals know to look for this vulnerability. When it comes to outdoor lighting, opt for solar or battery operated lights or install outdoor electrical outlets.

Check Your Doors And Windows Are Secure Government statistics show that 30% of burglaries happen through windows. Installing a few dead-bolts and new window hinges could increase the security of your home exponentially.

Think Ahead

If you’re going away, use a light timer to make it appear that someone is in. Also, instead of hiding a spare key under your plant pot, give it to a trusted neighbour instead. Burglars know all the tricks of the trade, so the first place they will look for keys will be under your potted magnolias or refuse bin. Ask your neighbour to use your driveway to park their car, and no one will ever know that you’re on holiday.

The team at Entire Houze are not just double glazing installers, we are full home renovation specialists and interior designers in North London. This means we see your homes bigger picture. Entire Houze specialises in high-quality work and strong collaborative partnerships with architects, clients and craftsmen. We are committed to maintaining our high standards across all budget levels and schedules for North London doors & windows.

Should you require our guidance and assistance in securing your home this Christmas, then get in touch for a no obligation quote today.

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