Popular ways to decorate your bathroom | Bathroom installation

Popular ways to decorate your bathroom

Popular ways to decorate your bathroom

Having a brand new bathroom fitted into your home is exciting, but at first they may look basic. You’ll see your bathroom everyday so why not make it stand out? Here are a few easy ways that you can decorate your bathroom to give it more character.


Picking a theme for your bathroom can help make decorating a lot easier. By picking a design aesthetic and finding all the different decorations and bathroom necessities around this theme, you can really bring personality to your bathroom. There are so many themes that you could choose from to suit your home aesthetic and your own personal style but here are a few of our favourites.


Nautical theme

Big fan of the sea? Having a nautical themed bathroom is popular amongst many home owners all over the world. You can introduce colours like reds and blues and add tonnes of ocean themed decorations all over to continue the theme. Hanging anchors, life rings with ropes and putting a ship in a bottle on the window sill can enhance the nautical theme. These types of decorations can be found in a lot of furniture shops and interior stores, so if you’re a fan of the ocean and want to decorate your bathroom on a smaller budget, the nautical theme may be for you.


A Rustic Theme

If you live in a home with a rustic aesthetic, expanding your home’s already existing character through to the bathroom is a great idea. At first glance, it may seem quite difficult to add a rustic theme to your bathroom, however it is a lot easier than you may think. Wooden walls and floors accompanied by a bright white ceramic toilet and bathtub is the easiest way to bring this aesthetic to your bathroom. Following up with added wood furniture, iron metal toilet roll holders and towel rails can help to add more texture and diversity to a simple theme. If you wanted to add more colour, the sparse use of plants and flowers across the room will do the job perfectly.


Marbled theme

If you’d prefer a more modern themed bathroom, using marble textures would do nicely. The beauty of marble is that it can be made in a large range of colours, whether your home is filled with bright whites or dark greys, a marble bathroom aesthetic will flow beautifully with any modern home. Adding mirrored metal bathroom furniture can help add depth to the marbled walls and floors while also standing out and adding colour. Whatever colour marble you decide to go for, having the same coloured towels and bathmats can help you add further dimension and continue your chosen colour theme all throughout the room.


There are so many different themes and aesthetics that you could design your bathroom around. Whether you decide to choose one of the themes above or create your own personal design, designing a bathroom that is comfortable and fits your personality is important. We’re bathroom fitters in North London and if you feel like you need some profession advice from designers to help you design your bathroom, our team would be happy to assist you. You can contact us via our contact page.

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