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Kickstart your gardening with our top tips

Kickstart your gardening with our top tips

Kickstart your gardening with our top tips

As the British heatwave hits, many want to get in their garden in order and grow their own flowers, fruits and veg. If you’re new to gardening, it can seem like quite a stressful thing to maintain and learn about. Here are some useful tips to know about when gardening this summer.

Research different types of soil

The soil that you use is very important to a plants health and growth rate. Investing in what may seem to be an expensive soil will be worth your while and your money. In the long run, you may end up spending more money on the plants than the soil if you don’t accommodate for the plants nutritional needs through the soil. Depending on your plants, you may also need to mix the soil with other formulas and soils to assist with their growth.

Think about the layout of your plants

Where you place your plants in your garden is very important for a multitude of reasons. You should always keep your plants in sight and close to a source of water so that you don’t forget about them and so you can easily water them whenever they may need a top up. Following the sun is also vital to having healthy plants. Placing your plants in an area that the sun hits most of the day is beneficial to having healthy plant-life.

Mulch is your best friend

Coating the top layer of your soil in mulch can not only protect your soil from any unwanted bugs, but it can also block out the sun and help to keep weeds from growing. Mulch can help cut your de-weeding process time in half. A bed of mulch can however make the plant bed have an unpolished finish, you can rake or trowel the mulch to even it out and make it look more discrete.

Feed your plants

Watering your plants every day is very important to keeping them alive and healthy, but a lot of people overlook feeding their plants as well as watering them. Your plant food won’t only help to grow your plants, but will also to continue to add nutrition to your soil and keep that healthy too. A combination of nutritious soil and high-quality plant food with grant you wild success with your gardening adventures.

Pots and Vases

Planting your plants in aesthetically pleasing pots and vases in your garden is a good alternative if you don’t have enough room for a flower bed. They can also be a great addition alongside a flower bed, as they can add more personality to your gardening experience. Not only can they look beautiful, but pots are also ideal for maintaining fruits and vegetables. This is because they are given their own space to grow and won’t be disrupted by any other plant around it.

Gardening is a great experience and can be a lot of fun during the summer. The reward of your own fruit, veg and beautiful flowers, especially during the summer, will be worth all the time that you will put into gardening.

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