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Is A Loft Conversion For You?

Is A Loft Conversion For You?

Is A Loft Conversion For You?

A loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to extend – and add value to – your property, whether you’re dreaming of adding a master suite, a guest bedroom or a home cinema.

Providing one of the best returns on investment you can get when it comes to extending, with experts suggesting they add the most value to your home in comparison to the cost.

With more than half of Londoners keen to renovate the home they’re in, rather than face the cost and upheaval of moving, according to new figures it truly seems like the perfect solution for garnering more space in your home as your family grows.

A loft conversion will

  • Add value to your home, up to 20% in some cases
  • Significantly increases your living space
  • Be incredibly cost-effective
  • Not require planning permission in most cases
  • Be cheaper than moving house
  • Not impact on your garden
  • Improve the quality of your home life
  • Allow you to extend even if you don’t have a garden
  • Be quicker to complete than other types of home extension

The exact cost of your loft conversion will depend on the layout of your property, the size of the loft space and the type of loft conversion you’re choosing to have carried out. You can expect your loft conversion to cost you in excess of £20,000 and perhaps as much as £50,000. This might well sound like a lot of money – and it is – but it’s important to remember that you are highly likely to recoup this investment and more when you consider the value it adds to your house.

There are three main types of loft conversions (excluding simple Velux conversions) commonly found in homes across the UK, each slightly different, but all aiming to give you and your family extra living space.

A Dormer loft conversion involves constructing a vertical wall from the bottom of the sloping roof. A flat roof is then built to meet the vertical wall, in order to give maximum headroom in the loft extension.

A Hip To Gable loft conversion aims to increase the relatively small existing space of properties with hipped roofs. The sloping, or ‘hipped’ side of a roof is changed to a flat gable end.

A Mansard loft conversion is typically constructed at the rear of your property, has a flat roof and a back wall that slopes inwards at 72 degrees. As mansard loft conversions involve a significant change to a property’s structure, they can be more expensive than other conversions, and involve more construction work.

We build loft conversions for customers in all areas of North London including East Finchley, Kentish Town, Golders Green and many other areas. We focus on the highest quality craftsmanship and we offer a fixed price which covers labour, materials, building regulations, design work and more.

We manage projects from the outset, working with both the client and architect to improve time efficiency and maximise economic resources. We have experienced knowledge of materials and their technical properties, availability and cost as well as the availability and quality of labour.

We offer a no-obligation loft conversion quote too and we will come to your property and measure your loft and give you advice on how to transform it and increase the value of your property.

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