How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Winter Holidays

How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Winter Holidays

How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Winter Holidays

How To Keep Your Home Secure During The Winter Holidays

We all take time off over the Christmas holidays, but thieves don’t and the season to be merry and joyful can very often turn into the season to be burgled.

This December don’t let your guard down and become a victim of crime, here’s how to keep your North London home safe over the Christmas period.

 If you’re going away don’t tell all and sundry that you’re off on holiday, shouting it from the rooftops to your neighbours over the fence, you never know who’s listening. The same goes if you pop into the local newsagents to cancel your papers, discretion is key. This also goes for social media, announcing to the world that you are on holiday opens up your home to opportunist thieves.

Consider asking a neighbour to pop round daily just to check everything is in order. If potential thieves see that someone is keeping an eye on your property they will possibly be deterred. Your neighbour can also check to see if pipes have frozen, or for potential leaks You can buy light switch times, which will switch lights on at certain times, thereby making people assume you’re at home.

 If you do have a burglar alarm, check with the company that installed it that it’s working fine and has been serviced.

 Lock away anything that might look good to thieves, take all keys out of windows and doors, lock garden gates and sheds and makes sure your keys are’t visible. Many thieves have been known to spot keys by looking through letterboxes, and then using a pole to grab them and let themselves in.

 If you are staying at home Christmas time (especially the elderly) can encourage people to let their guard down. As the nights draw in, always use the chain for the front door and don’t open it for anyone that you’re not expecting, or who behaves strangely. Trust your gut and always double lock the door at night or when you leave the house in the morning.

 Check all windows and doors for weak spots and if you find any, install a few dead-bolts and new window hinges to strengthen them.

 At Entire Houze we offer a wide range of doors and windows, from sash and casement windows, PVC-U or aluminium to wooden, composite, aluminium and PVC-U doors and double and single sliders. Whether you’re looking for repair or complete refurbishment to secure your North London property this Christmas our team of skilled joiners and fitters are here to put your mind at ease.

 Emergencies do happen even at Christmas especially where alcohol is involved, so if you unexpectedly get locked out or have any other lock emergencies. Our emergency locksmith company are here to help you gain access or prevent intrusion we offer lock installations and replacements, repairs and upgrades to burglary repairs and a full range of security solutions.

 Christmas is a fantastic time of year so just a bit of preplanning will ensure your North London home is safe and secure during the festive period.

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