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Get your Garden Summer Ready

Get your Garden Summer Ready

Get your Garden Summer Ready

Now that the pesky chill of winter has gone, it’s time to get back outdoors and give your garden some love; ready for the summer. Gardens are a place of relaxation, so you want to create an aesthetic that will cater to whatever relaxation means to you. Get ready to be inspired to de-weed and redecorate, as we give you some top tips on how to make your garden feel brand new for summer this year.

Flowers & Plants

One of the easiest ways to add character and bring life to your garden is to add an abundance of plants. Planting small bunches of flower beds around the perimeter of your grassland can add more colours than just green to the plant life. But flowers aren’t the only plant that we recommend; planting some honeysuckle on the walls or fences will not only give people something extra to look at, but all also add a beautiful, natural scent of jasmine & vanilla to your garden. There are plenty of different varieties of plants to choose from, don’t hesitate to experiment!

Furniture & Decorations

Every garden comes with some type of furniture, whether it’s an entire table & chairs, or just a few simple benches planted around your space. If you desire a more natural look to your garden, using wooden furnishings would fit perfectly with your athestitic. Prefer a more modern appearance? Use some grey metal or wicker furniture and finish off the look with a glass table and an umbrella. The perfect furniture for you and your family!

You may already have a few decorations laying around your garden like a plant pot or two, but why not add more? Add a water feature in the middle of a bed of flowers to help create a make-shift sanctuary atmosphere, with the sounds of running water and the colours of the flowers. Or include an alluring bird bath and a squirrel feeder to your garden to entice guests that aren’t just your loved ones.

Appliances and Activities

Speaking of guests, you may want to add an alternative use to your garden, to make it more exciting for anyone who may be invited over. Install a Barbecue stand so that you can have friends and family over and enjoy a delicious lunch every summer weekend. Make sure you have a paddling pool and/or a sandpit for the kids to enjoy and have fun while the adults gossip and enjoy the sun. And for when the kids are in bed, why not have a small outdoor bar on your patio to kick back, grab a drink and relax in the summer evenings.

2021 is the year for you to make the most of your summer, with lockdown restrictions lifting and people craving quality time with friends and family. Get your garden ready to make memories.

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