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No flooring and tiling job is too small or too big for Entire Houze team that prides itself on many years experience in North London serving both residential and commercial clients. You can trust us to provide you with superior quality and service through our fully trained and accredited floorers and tillers, and we don’t leave site until you are happy.

Residential Flooring and Tiling

We provide laminate and solid wood flooring, both hard and soft, in a style that will complement the design of your home. Our team will help you select the best option for your needs and install your chosen design to our guaranteed high standards. We can also provide a new finish to your existing floor so that you can enjoy that fresh feel every time you walk through the door. Your home will have a sparkling new look and will give you great pleasure as you entertain family and friends.

Commercial Flooring and Tiling

Whether you own a shop or run a business from an office and need to give it a fresh new look that will impress customers, you have a wide choice of flooring and tiling options provided by Entire Houze. We offer tailored commercial flooring and tiling that is specific to your needs and we employ specific techniques in order to achieve the desired result. Get In Touch We offer flooring and tiling services to clients in North London including Barnet, Enfield, Finchley, Haringey, Hendon and Southgate.
builder north london
builder north london

 Get in touch with us today on 0330 123 0065 to discuss your requirements and for a free quote. To view some examples of our work, please visit our portfolio.

For further details on our flooring and tiling prices in North London, give The Entire Houze a phone call today and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

Linoleum Flooring

Also known as Lino, this is often confused with Vinyl. Linoleum and Vinyl are in fact different materials. Vinyl is a synthetic consisting of mostly PVC. Whereas Linoleum is made of natural materials. Linoleum has a reputation for being the more “eco” friendly of the two materials. It also has a reputation for having an expected durability that is almost 4 times stronger and longer lasting than Vinyl. The only catch to this is periodic sealing and good maintenance. Linoleum like Vinyl is also water resistant, but can sustain damage if exposed to long periods of high humidity and flooding if not sealed correctly.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tiles have a wealth of benefits including their resistance to frost, stains, scratches and moisture. Porcelain is hard wearing flooring that can withstand the weight of heavy kitchen or bathroom appliances. Unlike other materials porcelain is stronger at retaining its colour and is receptive to tough cleaning products without any unwanted reactions.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic flooring usually consists of flat tiled shapes with beveled edges. It’s known to be highly durable, non-allergenic and corrosion resistant. Ceramic tiles are quite commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. A huge disadvantage to Ceramic flooring is its lack of flexibility which often leads to cracks and chipping. Another thing to take into consideration is weight. Compared to other materials, ceramic tiles are very heavy, making them difficult to work with & install. They can also be quite uncomfortable to stand on over long periods of time.

Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring generally comes at a higher cost than other materials. However, if maintained correctly then wooden flooring can last a significant amount of time. Cleaning or looking after your floor will require an element of care and attention. The wooden style will determine how you’re meant to look after it. You may need to look into certain products or kits as a result of this. Do your research beforehand and find out if the wooden flooring is Solid or Engineered and if it is Lacquered or Brushed & Oiled. Whether your wooden flooring is new or has aged over time it’s a material that certainly adds character to the property.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is often found at a lower cost and is incredibly simple to install. With a wide variety of colours, or effects, it’s become an increasingly popular choice when deciding what flooring best suits your needs. A disadvantage of this material is its characteristic to retain moisture which often results in damage. It’s important to use the correct underlay when choosing what room to install it. This will help it last longer without any need for repairs or replacement. Always remember to leave an expansion gap around the edge of the room as the wood will naturally swell. Nobody wants a squeaky laminate floor!

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can be incredibly cost effective for your house. Although this flooring doesn’t shape up well against sharp objects, it is very quick and easy to install. You’ll find a huge variety of colours, patterns and textures, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to matching décor. Vinyl flooring has a strong point in its favor over other material which is its resistance to moisture. Because of this, it’s a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.


"I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Haim, our first contact has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and every member of staff has been courteous, polite and reliable. Great word done on our house!"

Belsize Park, NW3

"You’ve been a great help. Your service is fantastic. I’m so glad I picked you guys."

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"Thanks for all your hard work on my flat. True professionalism. Highly recommended."

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"Thanks a million to you and your team, we are VERY impressed with the service and will spread the word whenever we can."

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