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Five Simple Home Improvement Projects for 2020

Five Simple Home Improvement Projects for 2020

Five Simple Home Improvement Projects

As anyone who has completed renovations in their home will tell you, it’s always better to plan your home improvement projects in advanced to avoid overspending.

Which part of your home do you plan to work on? How much money are you able to budget? Is there a key event it needs to be 100% complete by? If you’re not sure what your home needs in 2020, take a look at what the Entire Houze team suggests as smart, simple home improvements.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Adding LED light bulbs and a smart thermostat are easy ways to make your house more cost and energy efficient at the same time. Other ways you can make your home more energy efficient include turning off the lights when you leave the house, using power strips, sealing air leaks and annually having your boiler serviced.

Get Your Space Organised

Getting rid of clutter is a must. In fact, it’s probably the best and cheapest way to feel better about your home. Of course, the act itself however can be quite overwhelming, but can you think of a better way to start the year than with a clear and organised home? Keeping your space organised basically comes down to two things if you stick to them. One is to periodically get rid of whatever things you don’t use often or don’t like at all. The other is to only bring in things that you need.

Creating extra space for storage is another way to keep your home organised. With added space, you can store your possessions easily without your room looking untidy. So, this year, how about making use of your imagination at creating a little more space in the most unimaginable places?

Make Your House Safe and Sound

Your home may look wonderful and properly organised, but is it secure? How about putting some effort into making it safe as well? You should ensure you’re not living with a potential fire, health or security risk. Besides installing smoke alarms, check your house for gases like carbon monoxide also. The hardware that perform these tests are not particularly expensive either.

Replace Windows and Doors

The beginning of the year always has people thinking about ways to make their home more energy efficient. Air leaks from your old windows and doors are expensive on your utility bills. Replacing the old with new materials and solid seals will save you money in the long run and improve the look of your home. This will take from a weekend to a week to complete, depending on the size of your home, but the benefits will last for decades. Be sure to choose or request a well-known, well-researched window brand. Most companies have a lifetime warranty on the windows but that is no good if the manufacturer is out of business.

Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

With simple solutions like just updating paint and cupboard handles or adding a backsplash, to larger projects like gutting the whole kitchen or bathroom, these two rooms are without a doubt the first to be focused on when planning out a year in home improvement. Plan well in advance before you make any changes and make sure supplies are on site. You don’t want to be without a kitchen for an extra week because your custom countertops are stuck on order.

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