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Exciting ways to utilise a basement conversion

Exciting ways to utilise a basement conversion

Exciting Basement Conversions

A basement conversion is a great way to extend your living space without changing the exterior of your home. These conversions are great for properties that are attached or in a busy city like London and are useful and spacious. But what can you use them for? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Home gym

Desperate to go to the gym but can’t find the time to travel back and forth? Having a personal, home gym is a great time saver and is also super convenient. Whenever you or a family member feels like working out, they have access to a private gym. The beauty of this is that you can personalise which machines you would like. You could also throw in a few extra luxuries like a TV to keep you entertained and motivated when working on yourself.

Home theatre

This new, large space can be used to have your own home entertainment centre for all the family to enjoy. Decorate with luxurious velvet sofas and a large projector screen to add a personal cinema to your property. Not only will this make your home the place that people want to be, but also can give you an extra space to escape whenever you need.

Wine cellar

Perhaps you’re a big wine fan, why not create your own wine cellar? This could include shelves with some of your finest wines that you’ve collected over the years of travelling and barrels to that you can experiment and brew your very own wine right in the comfort of your own home! Not only this, but it could double up to be a bar; a place for your friends and family to socialise. 

Playroom for kids

Making your new basement conversion into a special play area for your children is a great way to keep your kids happy. The space can be used for an abundance of things and can be completely customised to suit their taste and interests. Another benefit of utilising your basement as a playroom is that all their toys and games are out of the way, leaving your lounge and dining space toy-free.

Washing room

Having a designated washroom to wash and dry all of your clothing is a perfect way to utilise your new extra space. Homes in the UK tend to not come with an extra room designed for washing clothes, so using a basement to do so is a great idea. Not only will this help you organise your daily life, but will also free up space in your kitchen as your tumble dryer and washing machine now have a new home.

An extra room

You may want to use this basement as an extra bedroom or extra living space to simply relax and have some downtime. Instead of creating a new aesthetic for a new room, you could follow your aesthetic through to the basement and give yourself more space to enjoy and relax after those long weeks at work.

These are only a few ways you can utilise your new, exciting space. The possibilities are endless and are only limited to your imagination and design of your home. If you’re considering a basement conversion in London, contact us for a quote: 


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