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Advantages & Disadvantages of New Builds

Advantages & Disadvantages of New Builds

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Builds

When it comes to buying a new build, there are many factors that you should consider, especially when their price is so high. In this blog, we’ve outlined the main positives and negatives to a new build to help you make the decision if a new build is right for you.

New builds

When looking into buying a new build, there are a lot of appealing positives that are sold to you from the start. But there are also a few things that you should consider before settling a deal.


Advantages of New Builds:

10-year warranty

All new builds in the UK are sold with a 10-year warranty to protect you against any structural defects. Most environmental defects cannot be controlled by builders when constructing the property, therefore the warranty is there to keep your house covered from any of these defects that could occur after you’ve settled into your home.

Cheaper to run

New builds are built with energy efficiency in mind. Being fitted with double glazing, insulation and the latest appliances, new builds can save homeowners up to £600 per year on energy bills.

Flexible Payments

As new builds can be quite expensive from the get go. Therefore, developers of such properties can be more flexible in terms of payments and deposits, so you can live comfortably without having the worry of daunting, large monthly payments.


Disadvantages of New Builds:

More Expensive

As new builds are often built in largely populated cities and are built with expensive features such as double glazing, they are more expensive to buy than already established homes. The fact that new builds are also well sought after means that developers can put a larger price tag on new builds.

An absence of character

All new builds are built with similar layouts, gardens and close together which means adding character to your home could be a challenge. New builds are also built as blank canvases which may seem like a positive, however, those looking to decorate an entire house will need to invest more money into their property to get the true home of their dreams.

Construction Delays

Buying into a new build could leave you waiting for construction to be finished for some time. As delays could occur with materials, worker restraints or workers falling ill, a new build could take longer than expected to be complete.

Despite the disadvantages, a new build can save you a tonne of money on renovations and monthly bills. At The Entire House, we’re builders in North London and can answer any questions that you may have about our new builds and even offer you an accurate quote on the perfect new build for you. Get in contact today.

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