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How To Add Value To Your North London Home

How To Add Value To Your North London Home

How To Add Value To Your North London Home

Your home is an investment, so when it comes to property value, a question that springs to mind is “how much is my house worth”? Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to property development. So, whether you’re thinking of selling up or just want to add value to your home long-term here at Entire Houze we have taken a look at some quick wins and sure-fire ways of increasing the value of your North London home.

Quick Wins

Add Central Heating

Adding or updating the central heating system will always add more to the value of a property than it costs. It will be considered an essential by most buyers and mortgage valuers. Using a plumber to add central heating to an average three-bedroom Victorian or Edwardian house will cost £3–4,000.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

If you are selling, you have to get buyers through the front door, which means you need to have the outside as spick and span as possible (cost £100-£1,000 but could add £5,000). If nothing else, your house should at least look better than your neighbours’. Clean those dirty windows, clear the driveway, unblock the gutters.

Replace Windows

New double glazed PVCu windows can add considerable value to a property and in the lower end of the market are considered essential by most buyers, regardless of their style or lack of it. PVCu windows require very little maintenance, are energy efficient and, depending on design and installation, can be very secure. Sure Fire Ways To Add Value To Your North London Home

Add A Loft Conversion

Is the easiest way to add an extra bedroom and or bathroom. The work itself is not particularly disruptive as most of the work can be done from the outside of your home. It is important to take into consideration you will have to strengthen the floor joists which will raise the floor level, so ensure you leave enough ceiling height to stand up in. Adding a loft conversion to your North London home will increase the value of your home by 12.5%

Building A Conservatory

Extending your living space is always a good idea, you can enhance the feeling of space and flow by installing the same flooring throughout your downstairs living area. It leads the eye on and ensures that the conservatory feels part of the rest of the house. A conservatory (cost £5,000-£30,000) can add around 7 per cent to the value, while a full-blown extension (£10,000-£30,000) adds 11 per cent.

A Basement Conversion

The most expensive form of extension: it costs approximately £200 per sq foot to do the digging, and another £100 per sq foot to do the fitting out. So unless your house is worth £300 per sq ft, you won’t see your money back. It is also the most serious form of extension, as it is going to affect the structural load of your property. Not to be undertaken lightly, or without careful consideration, then. You will need to hire specialists to do the design and the installation, and you will almost certainly have to move out of the house for several months. That said, you can create fantastic spaces underneath your home, and extending your house like this means you can stay in it for longer, enjoy it more and sell it quicker when the time comes. With more than twenty years combined experience, the Entire Houze team have been dedicated to offering the highest standard of building work and impeccable service with a complete hands on approach to every project whether large or small. We are the leading builder North London based company, and whether you are looking for loft conversions, new kitchens, bathroom renovations or house extensions. Entire Houze have the expertise and experience to bring your project to life.  
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