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A Checklist For Renovating Your North London Home

A Checklist For Renovating Your North London Home

If you’re planning on investing money to renovate your North London home, it can seem a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start. With multiple areas of your home you may be considering improving, it’s easier if you use a renovating checklist to guide you through the process smoothly instead of setting out without a clear plan of action.

A checklist will allow you to save time and money and is the best way to spend money wisely as there may be many aspects of the work that you don’t even consider until you sit down and think about them.

A good starting point is to go through your North London home room by room, and make notes on the jobs that need doing and the order in which they should be completed. This is often referred to in the trade as a ‘Schedule Of Works’ an example of one of these can be found below, however all lists will differ based on your personal requirements.

• Current condition assessment

• Stop further decay

• Grants/Tax concessions

• Statutory consents

• Structural stability

• Demolition work

• Dealing with damp

• Drains

• Site access

• Major building work

• Weathertight

• Exterior

• External works

• First fix

• Plastering

• Drying out

• Fixed flooring

• Second fix

• Decorating

• Final clean

• Move in

• Snagging

To help with your North London home renovation, Entire Houze have created a comprehensive checklist to take the headache out of your home renovation project.


A good place to start is often the exterior to make sure your house is in a good state of repair. Have a professional inspect your roof, including guttering, flashing and downpipes. Is your exterior paintwork dull or peeling?

Layout During the home renovation process you may decide you need more space in general in your North London home. Older houses tend to have segmented rooms, while the modern trend is for an open layout. The professionals at Entire Houze will be able to advise the most cost-effective means of increasing your space.

Floors Flooring can make a big difference if you’re looking to modernise your North London home. Dependent on budget changing tired carpets to wooden or laminate flooring can make a great impact statement. Larger budgets can consider underfloor heating.

Electrics Don’t overlook your homes electrics. Have your electrical service panel inspected and make sure it’s up to current electrical standards. Plug sockets around the home should be checked for safety and to avoid electrical fires.

Plumbing Get a professional to check plumbing fixtures and fittings and consider replacing outdated fixtures with more efficient modern ones.

Living Room A simple makeover can make your living room feel fresh and new, whether you’re painting the walls, changing the curtains or blinds, or changing furniture.


A bathroom renovation doesn’t just include replacing your bath, shower or WC. Small changes such as painting walls, changing tiles, fixtures and fittings or lighting can make a real difference.


The kitchen is often the heart of the home and should be aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional. Renovating your kitchen on a large budget offers the opportunity to replace all kitchen units, and work tops, but if you’re on a tighter budget you can still make a difference changing the colour of the walls, or changing existing unit handles.

Fundamentally, when assessing a potential project, use your common sense and get help where necessary. The Entire House have become the specialists in house extensions, new builds and renovations in North London and the surrounding areas! We are a very experienced, knowledgeable and professional team of builders in the North London area. We provide any services you could need from a builder from loft and basement conversions, to new home or commercial builds and we even renovate your current homes, kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do we do this in a professional and efficient manner, but we make sure all work we do is professional, elegant, stylish and suits your needs and requirements.

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