- The Entire
Buckingham House, 2nd Floor, 45 Vivian Ave, London, NW4 3XA
0330 1230 065 or 07969 378 509
Entire Houze┬áconducted the entire redecoration of our house (painting, making of an opening between the living room and the reception room, changing the radiators, shower cubicle, flooring and fixing or upgrading a number of things along the way). Overall we have been very happy with the quality of the work and found that the team was keen to find long term solutions to issues rather than go for ‘quick fixes’. For instance they advised us to change the flat roof to prevent a leak from reoccurring, or reinforced part of the staircase to make it more robust. We had daily contacts on site, by text/phone with Tomas who did an excellent job managing the project on site, so that we were fully informed on the progress and any issues, and could decide in a timely manner of the way forward. We had also very regular contacts with Prakash, who orchestrated all the work and liaised effectively with suppliers and subcontractors dealing with specific issues. We found that it was very helpful to have a ‘one-stop shop’ and rely on the expertise of Eugene on the plumbing side, Darek on the electricity and go through the connections of Entire Houze for other matters, such as the roof, the staircase runner, damp-proofing etc, as a number of unforeseen issues with the house came up during the work (as a function of the house being old, not because of Entire Houze) we ended up doing substantially more work than initially anticipated, and the final bill reflected that, but we were kept informed along the way with regular estimates of the total costs. We appreciated greatly the “can do” attitude of the team, with everyone focused on finding solutions to the issues – the additional work that came up did not cause any logistical issues, Entire Houze was able to deploy the necessary resources to complete the work on time. Lastly, we found the crew very hard working, punctual and polite. We would be happy to recommend Entire Houze.
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